Chiropractic Testimonials

"I came to SpineCare Fridley, PC with a pinched nerve in my neck and intense pain. Dr. Ross has adjusted me several times offering relief where I thought there was none to be had. I appreciate the care given by the staff immensely."

- Angie L.

"Amazing people in the office. From Dr. Ross to the receptionist and amazing massage people. He has been taking care of my family and I for a long time. He keeps me on my feet and moving forward!! Couldn’t live without all of them. Thanks for being there for us."

- Rick M.

"I've known the people who run this business for years. Whenever I experience back pain this is the first place I go to. They have always put me first and have always provided the best care. I have never found another Chiropractor that has been as caring and selfless as Dr. Ross. These people.... They've got your back. Thank you Dr. Ross!"

- Aaron P.

"Dr. Bertillon is an amazing Doctor. Would highly recommend anyone to come to get treated by him. He's beyond caring and goes above and beyond!"

- Jessie M.

"I have had my dad as my chiropractor... since I was born. Without him I would be a mess! When I was 7 I was hit by a car, I broke my arm, leg and Jaw. I tore my ACL twice in Highschool, broke my other leg in a motorcycle accident at 21... and a few other things along the way! Because of the continued adjustments from my dad, I have no physical limitations and just went surfing over New Years! Without Chiropractic and specifically my dad, I would be a wreck! Highly recommend seeing him."

- Joseph B.



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